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Welcome to  My personal web page (editors note: nothing is "mine" any more. It's "ours") and cyber link to immortality. Like life itself, its meaning borders on absurdity, so take it for what's worth.   It's simply something for me to do when I am bored; a way to communicate with some of my friends and at the same time have fun (somebody help him!) and understand myself a bit better.  Or on a more philosophical level, it's a 21st century introspective look at my life -- my life in hyper text mark-up language. That sounds impressive but don't be fooled - it's a bunch of hostas and crap that not many people seems to care much about other than me. But that's life.

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Middletown, Connecticut   January 02000 (I'm Y-10K compliant, are you?)

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Welcome and meet Joe Swift.

Joe's wedding. It really happened

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