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And the rest of the news. But wait, before I get to that, Allison (my niece), in the toilet!

She climbed right in! I think swimming lessons are in order - what a photo. Plus the toilet is symbolic of the rest of the crap in my website - it's a perfect fit (so to speak!).

Now I can get to our recent trip to Hawaii (December, 2001):

Hawaiin band greats us in the airport
A double rainbow in Maui
Sunrise from Mt. Haleakala
Christine and I on top of the volcano
Biking down the volcano with Cruiser Phil
A fruit stand on the road to Hanna
Turtle while snorkling (before I got sea sick)
Two Whales! (after I got sea sick)
The beach in Hanna
Christine and I drinking from a pineapple

** Check out our new house tucked away on six wooded acres with a water-fall right off the wrap-around deck .   The lot borders Higganum and Durham.  For those that don't know the area, it means that deer (photos soon) and wild turkeys outnumber people not to mention other interesting forms of wildlife such as this luna moth.  Nice!   The cats, Zena and Hercules, like the fireplace and the country kitchen.

** Click here for a look at the Swift Family Warning: There's lots of them.

** My new 400 gallon pond built this past spring. It's home to 20+ goldfish and two frogs that seemed happy to move right in (yes you koi fans, I have not graduated yet). Total cost was less than $100 and a very sore back thanks to, a homemade filter, an abundance of rocks in the woods, and wild plants (iris). It's approx. 5 x 8 feet and 30 inches at the deep end. Here's a larger photo. I'm already thinking about a larger pond for next year.

** Ben's Derby Page Awesome.

**Check out the Hosta Library put together by some guy named Bob with lots of hostas who seems to have too much time on his hands.

** NEW! Pub Run Photos as well as the rest of the photo library. You don't want to miss it!

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