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Wheeler English

Lines & Rhymes: Final Project

to writing prompts

There are four basic parts to be covered in your project:

Cover (plain or fancy, illustrated or not. This usually includes title, author, and illustration. You may also include a separate title page.)

Table of Contents (the titles and topics of poems in your book in the order they appear and the page number on which they appear.)

Your poems (Include five or more different things and at least 50 lines .of poetry in a finished or "published" format.)

About the author (your picture and bio, real or not-so-real)

Use your imagination to present your writing appealingly. You may illustrate to your heart's content.


Some suggested Assignments:

acrostic ballad cinquain collage diamond poem epitaph haiku "I used to be" poem "I wish" poem letter-perfect poem list poem "not" poem rhymed couplets rhymed triplets rhyming definitions riddles shape poems sonnet tanka terse verse Tom Swifty word pictureand anything else you'd like