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Wheeler English

Lines & Rhymes: Assignments

list poem: center a poem around things that are the same color, cause the same emotion, or share some common characteristic.
haiku: The class Japanese form counts syllables in a concise three-line poem. Also included is haiku's big brother, tanka.
diamond poem: A very easy, short bit of writing in a diamond shape starts with one thing and ends up with another.
couplet:Two lines of the same length (number of beats which rhyme.
limerick:These five-line ditties are fun and are a great way to practise conventional rhythm.
cinquain: Also a five-line poem, but usually more serious. There are several ways to do this.
sonnet: Be like Shakespeare. The classic 14-line poem has an intricate rhyme scheme and fourteen ten-syllable lines-- the ultimate word puzzle.
ballad: Ballads tell stories, often in four-line stanzas which rhyme.
acrostic: Sometimes you just need to spell it out.
"not" poem :And sometimes we describe things by saying what they are not.
shape poem: All poems which are written down have shape, of course. With these poems, the shape's the most important thing.
epitaph: Tombstones are often inscribed with poems-- inspiring, consoling, and, occasionally, quite funny.
"I used to be" poem: "And now I am.." Describe yourself (or someone else) metaphorically
"I wish" poem: Sections of this poem begin with-- you guessed it-- "I Wish."
phrase poem: Describe a scene by listing the things you see and adding a participle which describes each.
villanelle: The villanelle is 19 lines long, but only uses two rhymes, while also repeating two lines throughout the poem. It's a challenge.
"when" poem: A poem from another teacher describing "when" you did or were something in the past. You might also describe yourself as an animal, object, or place.
letter-perfect poem: Alliterate your favorite letter as the basis of a poem.

figures of speech