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here since 2/14/2000

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Last updated: 18th of December, 2000


Timeline of Arsinuae -- important events in the books

Book One: Witches of Sidhe -- finished on 17th of December, 2000, at 1:33am

Book Two: The Syrianan Prophecy -- finished on 30th of April, 2000 at 12:58am

Book Three: Light of the Empire -- in progress

Book Four: Far too Familiar -- on hold

Book Five: Wrath of the Fates -- on hold

Confused? -- it should answer any questions you could ever have about Arsinuae

Cast List -- my "cast list", which might help you picture the characters better

Soundtrack -- songs which fit certain scenes in each book

Gallery -- coming soon!

Poetry -- coming soon!

"Bizarities" - Short Stories -- my incredibly "bizarre" short stories(hence the title)

The Aural Power -- a story for younger readers, with minimal blood, gore and other offensive references

TYTCE -- my new, collaborative project with my good friend Hannah!

About Me -- everything you could ever want to know--and more!

Downloads -- sounds from the novels, all by ME!

Awards -- awards this site has won

Links -- visit some of the best sites on the internet!

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"Arsinuae", "Witches of Sidhe", "The Syrianan Prophecy", "Light of the Empire", "Far too Familiar", "Wrath of the Fates", "The Aural Power" and "Bizarities -- Short Stories" are all Copyright 2000 M. Lees. Any duplication of these works is illegal without the express permission of the author. Failure to observe this will result in prosecution.

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