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Welcome to the Justice Cave. This is the place you've heard so many good things about. Here's the cave where the YJ crew chill after a long hard day of kicking Super-Villian butt. You can take a look at their egotistical portraits, information on them, read about their stories and adventures (and how they were rated), or you could curl up with a good fan fiction by a cozy generator. If a picture doesn't seem to work just right click on it and it'll show up. But I must warn you now, the gang is tryin' to relax, if they catch you here...well let's hope that doesn't happen.

"Seriously, guys, I can totally relate. My favorite, that is...was cancelled years ago. When it comes to comics, it's almost like I've been in Limbo since then." By The Ray in Young Justice #49. 10/26. .;; See....the marquee DOES update 9.9;...Just give it 5 months or so...

Yeah, I've been back from vacation for a while. .;; Updates are slow, I know. But they are still here. I am still having problems with Geocities so I still need YOU. I need YOUR help to get the Cave back to its updated self. Please e-mail me at (or the link at the bottom of the site) if you see any geocities errors when clicking on a picture or link or any of that. This site is huge and it may take a while for me to cover all of it looking for problems. Please help! Thank you my loyal Justice Cave supporters! Your assistance has been noted ^.^

11/14: WINTER: And then...six months later...there's an update. Uh, well, no real explanation for this. I was just like, "Huh, haven't been to the ol' website in a--DEAR LORD IT'S NOT SUMMER!" And it is in it's cozy winter setup. Heh...heh...^.^;;;
5/13: SUMMER: Welcome to summer and thus, the Justice Cave transforms into its tropical paradise. Ooo, yeah. Now that things are a little less hectic, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the summer sun and the freedom...sweet sweet freedom. Expect updates!
4/10: Fan Art : Hello again my friends and welcome to April! Yes...April...Well the site finally I have another date! Sweet! You can go see it on the Fan Art Page. This one is of Kid Lantern drawn by the lovely Brian Kovacs. You'll find him at the bottom of the page. Go. Look. Have Fun. ^.^
3/18: Promotional Fun!: A good friend of mine, Heather of the The Little Bird, asked me to advertise for a Robin fanlisting she created back in February. So I said why not? Go my friends! Enjoy! If you are confused (because Lord knows I am) here is a little bit more on fanlistings. See? The sites that work with know what I mean.
3/18: Back to Black: Well the snow couldn't last forever and I don't know about you but I'm a little glad it's gone. Sorry about the slow updates, college is really killing me @.@. But not to worry! As soon as my lousy, good for nothing comic book shop gets the newest issues in they will be up on this site in a second! Gaurenteed! Not only that...but there maybe some more fanart and fanfiction on the way as well. So keep looking! You never know.
3/12: Anniversary: March 10th marked my 4th year of loving Young Justice. The anniversary of the day I picked up my very first issue...#8. *Sigh* Long years have passed and I love the gang still so much. This year there wasn't a celebration :( but the love never dies. Happy Anniversary JUSTICE CAVE!!! ^.~
2/6: Fan Art : It seems like YEARS since I updated! Oy! I blame this accursed college! Anyhow, there's been an update! The Justice Cave now has some new Fan Art Page. The Original Three and Robin, Superboy, and Impulse both donated by Artemis Nix. Again, the Geocities thing is still acting up so just take the links and look them up. It should be at the very bottom of the page. If it was ever in question; the site is ALWAYS taking submissions. If you want your artwork up here. Feel free to e-mail me using the link at the bottom of this page! I'd be more then happy.
1/13: Comic Review: Here is this months review of Issue #53. It's a wonderful issue and review seen only on the Comics Page.
1/8: Fan Fiction : The Justice Cave is proud to announce a new adition to the Fan Fiction Page. Time Travel Trilogy Part 1: YJ in the Fifties is now added to our fanfiction library. There are two parts on the way all written by a previous Justice Cave contibutor, m. ^.~
12/31: Comic Review: It's a long time coming but those BASTARDS at my comic book shop didn't have issues 51 OR 52 of Young Justice! But fear not! The Justice Cave has found a way around it and here (finally) are the reviews for Issue #51 and Issue #52. Both can be found on the Comics Page. And it look like many updates are to come! There is certainly quite a haul of fan fictions on their way I'll tell you that much @.@.
5/19: Cool Site: After "The Usual Suspects" celebrated it's year birthday, I knew I had to change it. I's year anniversary was about six months ago so...anyway ^.^;; I had to change it but, we all know how hard it is to find new YJ sites so...I'm just going to advertise me...because I love this banner. The Justice Cave. The most egotistical YJ fan site on the web.

JUST A REMINDER!!!!! Don't forget to sign the Guestbook in green near the bottom of the page. I appreciate any comments on the page and suggestions! Thank you!

And that's all in news today!

Ah the "Louvre" of the Justice Cave. Magnific no? But be thee warned, if a member of YJ catches you stealing one of their'll be thrown out! Look & steal with caution. And please take into consideration that it took a long time to get those pictures the way they are.

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It was brought to my attention that I didn't give any credit to the sites who helped make the Cave possible so I would now like to thank the following sites: The Impulse Page, Your Guide to the Teen Super-Heroes of DC Comics, Project YJ, Young Justice: The Hangout, The on Target Arrowette Site, Secret: The Unofficial Website, The Throne Room: An Empress Site, and The Young Justice Message Board. If there was anyone I forgot please contact me at JusticeCave

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