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Welcome to the Comic Review links to give you the full knowledge on what is cool in my book. Now, this is MY opinion. So don't get upset if I thought something sucked and you thought it was great.

Yet to Be Reviewed

Issue #53

Comics 1-52

1) Young, Just Us!
2) Shiek, Rattle and Roll
3) The Issue Before the One Where the Girls Show Up
4) Harm's Way
5) First, Do No Harm
6) Judgement Day!
7) Confrences
8) The Uninvited Geeks
9) Thug of War!
10) Kali'd Away
11) Siege Perilous
12) Heck's Angels: Part 1
SG 36) Heck's Angels: Part 2
13) Heck's Angels: Part 3
SG 37) Heck's Angels: Part 4
14) Like Heck, You Say or Crossovers Are Heck!
15) Unstrung
16) Aftermath
17) Stuff Blows Up
18) Revolting Developements
19) Banned, On the Run
20) Time Out
21) Young, Just us too
22) A Life in the Day of Young Justice
23) Down Under Where
24) When the Bow Breaks...
25) Gold Standard
26) From Myrg with Love
27) Baseball Field: Myrg or There's a Saga Born Every Minute.
28) Hitting for the Cycle
29) Forever and a Day
30) Round Robin
31) QUIET!!!!!
32) Anita's Date with Lobo
33) Wash and Werewolf
34) Bright Lights, Big Teeth, Grandma
35) War Torn
36) Kissing on the Apokolips
37) War of the Worlds
38) Stuff Happens
39) Petal to the Metal
40) The Night Before Doomsday
41) MishMosh
42) Dirty Little Secrets
43) Liberty Throughout the Land
44) The World What We Knew
Imp 85) Glimpses of You!
Rob 101) World Without Young Justice Part 3: Redone by the Vandals of Time
Sup 99) DoomsBoy
45) Bang Bang Bedlam's Purple Hammer
46) Four to Go
47) Fighting M.A.A.D; Part I: M.I.A
48) Fighting M.A.A.D; Part I: D.O.A.
49) Fighting MAAD Part Three: A.W.O.L.
50) Fighting MAAD Part Four: Mubar
51) Zand on the Run
52) The Unreal World


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