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But of bliss and glad life there is little to be said, before it ends; as works fair and wonderful, while still they endure for eyes to see, are their own record and only when they are in peril or broken forever do they pass into song.

--J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Silmarillion"

It has been a long, strange, and often painful road. I'm not quite sure when I started this website, but I figure it had to be about four or five years ago (whenever Season 2 of BtVS started). I threw myself into it wholeheartedly at first, and my new-found passion for the show and the characters of Spike and Drusilla was reflected in the fervor with which I worked on this site. The Slayground may not have been the fanciest, or the biggest, S&D site around, but it was one of the first, and I hope people might remember it for that.

In any case, as I have grown extremely distant from the show, I've stopped working on this site. I wanted to leave it up as a tribute to what I used to love about it, but I've finally come to the conclusion that it's just not worth having around anymore. I feel like I should just let the old Spike and Dru move on, because to keep a monument up to what they used to be, to support a painful reminder, isn't doing anybody any good anymore. There are other sites out there that are current, and mine is currently just wasting space. I want to let their memory pass safely into the west, because frankly their time has come and gone.

So I'm saying goodbye, after however many years. I'm leaving my rants (links to which can be found below) up as a sort of explanation, so that people know why there is a hunk of blank space where the Vampire Slayground used to be. If you would like to contact me, please use my other e-mail address, The one connected with this website has been disabled. You can also reach me via my two other web sites, The Lestathenaeum (concerning the Vampire Lestat), and Many Winters (a site about the elves of J.R.R. Tolkien).


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