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A Message From the Webmistress If you've been here in the last month or two, you're well aware of the fact that I've stopped watching BtVS because of the bastardizing of what was a great character dynamic. Translation: A Spike/Buffy relationship is the most ridiculous plotline introduced thus far (and that's saying a lot being that this is a fantasy-type show) and that said plotline has effectively ruined whatever respect I might have once held for the show, and the characters.

Rest assured that The Slayground will remain up as a tribute to what Spike and Drusilla once were; I've rarely seen such a complex and compelling relationship portrayed on TV (love among the crazies and murderers, and an endearing love that made you want to root for them, go figure!). Still, this site will no longer be updated in protest of what has become of Spike and Drusilla. I absolutely refuse to support a plotline that defies logic only to appeal to the masses of kiddies out there that are clamoring for an S/B relationship based solely on the fact that Spike is the only familiar bloodsucker within ten feet of Buffy since Puppy Face (aka Angel) left; and I wholeheartedly believe he's moved on to greener pastures...and a better show, at that.

Okay, so my point here? I'm not the only person who feels this way. More importantly, there's someone on the inside, someone on Joss' team that would probably agree with my opinion that Spike/Buffy is just stupid. That someone is David Fury, writer for the show. I'm posting his thoughts below so everyone can not only see what I'm talking about, but can also realize the fact that not everyone who works for the show thinks this is a spiffy idea:

"Okay, I see comments I've made in an interview have once again sparked some controversy. Let me stress these are my personal opnions and do not necessarily reflect those of management (and they cannot be reprinted without the expressed written consent of Major League baseball.) Now...

To those who feel my conviction that Spike can never be redeemed and cannot someday end up with our heroine, shows a lack of imagination of my part, I say you're right. It is beyond my limited imagination to see a strong, independant, female character end up falling for a murderer who would be killling innocent people were he not suffering from chip affliction.

I regret I don't have the creative mind that, say, Thomas Harris has when he saw fit to sell out the character of Clarice Starling by having her become lovers with a cannibalistic psychopath, charming and brilliant as he may be.

That's just one of my many weaknesses as a writer.

For those of you who fault my thinking, I can only say I'll try to be more openminded in the future.

In the meanwhile, S/B shippers, you can go back to writing your penpals, Richard Ramirez and the Hillside Strangler, and I hope they finally accept your marriage proposals.

Your simple-minded pal,
David Fury"

All's I can say is...It's about frickin' time! It's nice to see someone from high up voice a dissenting opinion. There's so much pro-S/B propaganda circulating on the net lately that I think most people are starting to support the relationship simply because there's nothing out there voicing anything to the contrary. It's just nice to see someone trying to bring some of the fan back down to earth. Spike may be charming, he may be a nice looking guy, and he's just so funny and witty sometimes that we may even find ourselves rooting for him. But the fact remains. He is a killer, Buffy is a Slayer. The two do not mix. Spike's perfect mate was Drusilla, who complimented him in everyway; that sense of connectedness between the two was what made their relationship, and them, so appealing. At the very very very very least, Buffy should have more respect for herself and her duty as a Slayer than to stoop so low so as to consider becoming involved with Spike. Spike, on the other hand, should have more respect for himself as a vampire and a badass to so completely lower himself so as to chase after, stalk, and harass a Slayer (I won't even broach the panty-sniffing low, so low).

So, to all you fervent S/B shippers out there: While I won't accuse of writing letters to serial killers (a harsh, but rather amusing comment), I will say that not everyone agrees with the twisted logic that supports an S/B relationship. I agree with David in that this is Joss' show, and his characters, and therefore he can do whatever he wants with them, but I do not and will not sit idly by and just take what's thrown at me (excellent comparison w/ Hannibal, btw), even if I don't write the show. As a logical being, I think I'm entitled to some sense of continuity and, well, logic in my recreational pursuits.

I'm aware that Joss may be toying with our emotions and leading us on as he's been known to do in the past (bad, bad Joss!). But still, this is taking it a little far, being that there is nothing in the show's past to support what we're seeing in the present. I for one like my TV to make sense, as cool as it may be to see something happen (and I'm in no way supporting S/B here), I just don't want to see something happen for happenings sake. I want some sort of anchor, something that just makes it make sense. For example, it was way cool to see people flipping and flying in "The Matrix", but that's by nature an illogical thing which was subsequently give a logical explanation (computers have rules, which can be bent and broken), thus allowing us to blissfully suspend disbelief and enjoy the movie. With S/B, it's not so much suspension of disbelief as a result of a logical explanation so much as "What the hell is going on here?!" Plus, it's just plain ooky to see Spike mooning all over Buffy.

As much as I hate the idea of S/B, I would accept it if it was given some sort of concrete, logical basis. I haven't seen that yet, and that's why I'm so upset. I still wouldn't watch the show even if S/B was portrayed as entirely understandeable thing (because that's just my preference, you don't watch something you don't like), but at least I could walk away knowing that the show took a logical albeit unappreciated turn. I will always hold out hope that maybe Spike will return to his villianous ways, but I think this whole S/B thing (even if we are just being strung along) has just kind of destroyed the eagerness that drove to my TV set every Tuesday night. Even if it is a joke, I ain't laughing.