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Walk The Path

I trod upon the wooded paths, where fathers walked before,
With tread so light , and son in tow, explaining forest lore.
The sunlight drops, through lofty tops, casts pictures on the trees,
A dappled fawn, like august lawn, lies hidden in the leaves.
A mournful dove sits high above, to croon a heart break tune.
Cicadas whir, the crickets chirp, and from the lake, a loon.

Birches bunch, with gnarled white trunks, their roots firm in soils' grasp,
To reach to sky, like bleached white bones, when summer's day is past.
And now along, the path we chance ,to see a sleek red fox,
We watch as she, is quick to find, a shrew beneath the rocks.

This natural order, on display ,has my young son alert,
He turns to stare up at my face and ask "Why must it hurt,
For all the pretty animals who live out here so wild"?
I stop to think, of what to say, to comfort my dear child.

Thoughts go back, to days gone bye, when first I walked this pathway,
I kneel down, to speak to him, but inside I hear my dad say.
"There's no pain in living free nor do the creatures fear it,
For out here, by God's great plan ,We are all just one spirit."


Lost and Found

Iron Otter wrote this poem as a tribute to his sister Donna
and her recently departed husband,Ron

The sodden lump inside my chest,
Repeats a thankless task
How, I wonder, do I still breathe
Behind this listless mask?

The purpose that sustained my life
has fled and left me dry
The need for tears is still as strong
But, I no longer cry

The one who made me whole is gone
I can't believe it's true
Our love was for eternity
What's left for me to do?

I wander through the home we shared
It's treasure's that we found
My ears now strain in every room
Hoping to catch a sound

That wakes me from this awful dream
And sets the world back right
The day seems long and endless, but...
Worse yet is the night

I can not fall asleep in what
Once was our dear love nest
My mind seems to both come and go
From total lack of rest

Our children come to visit me
And bring with them their care
We sit and talk of days gone by
The memories we share

Their babies that are with us now
Crawl on the rug awhile
But then they turn to look at me
and flash a drooling smile

My missing Love has found a way
I just now realize
To send me love for all my days
Through our children's, children's eyes


We wish to thank Iron Otter for allowing us to put his poems on our page.

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