Poetry By Iron Otter©


All the seasons, of our life, so terrifying swift,
And to the autumn of our youth, we heedlessly can drift.
Fastly flowing toward the time, when all the lines are cast,
We then look back with open eyes, and hunger for the past.
A tiny, raw and ragged child, afoot in
That is a child's gifted world, according to
God's plan.
The forest of the parent legs, the sea of headless walls,
Hide the sun from freckled faces, peering down these halls.
The common elder happenings, now mundane to the old,
Captivate the new youth spirit, with wonderment untold.
The heady lure, of all things new, a dazzling delight,
Peels of laughter, squeals of joy, mean everything's all right.
Of our allotted time that we, are given at the start ,
The best will be the time that we, can live while young at heart.
So come with me, and play my love, the clock is ticking loud.
Live new life, new days, new love, and dance upon a cloud.
Recapture youth, with child's heart, young spirits set you free,
See the world with children's sight,
Come and Love with me.



What has happened to my eyes, to leave my heart so blind.
This Bon Vivant, so cavalier, who lives each day he finds.
With vacant soul, encased there in, a chest so filled with life.
Not knowing that, what's missing could, burn like a Demon's knife.
The chance encounter came to me, one emotion at a time.
A furtive moment, graced by God, imbued this pain of mine.
An angst, too sweet a concentrate, to dine in one repast.
There is, no willing leave of it, no truer die was cast.
The ache and longing, builds within, consumes my very being.
My mind now delves, the darkest realms, where succor constant fleeing;
Enhances, saccharine allure, while suppressing reason's tug.
I could not believe, of Love's embrace, to be so strong a drug.
Effervescent, phosphorescent, a sparkling glitter streams.
To hallowed hall , of life's desire,
the hearthstone of
my dreams.


I awake, asleep in my bed room
With shades still drawn dark as a womb.
I feel your warmth and smell your hair,
But eyes now open, and you're not there.
I arise and stumble to the shower,
Still fuzzy headed at this hour.
Shampoo and rinse my hair with care.
But turn with laughter, and you're not there.

Now dressed for work, with my face shorn.
My feet encased in shoes, soles worn.
I stare far off in to thin air.
But shake my head and you're not there

While driving to my job each day,
A voice deep in my soul will say.
This ride with your true love you share.
But quickly look, and you're not there.

Now some with anger would relate,
If these circumstances were their fate.
But I just look to my hearts lair,
And yes my darling, You are there


We wish to thank Iron Otter for allowing us to put his poems on our page.

It is with great sadness that we wish to inform those reading these poems
that Iron Otter passed from this world on July 25th 2008.
He will be missed by his family and friends who love him.

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