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Night Shift

The rain alights upon the roof
To tap dance on the tin.
While I stand warm and dry inside,
My face a sleepy grin.

The workday now is nearly done,
And I am headed home.
I stop and sit to think of you,
and write instead this poem.

I'd love it, if there was a way,
For you to be with me.
To stand in shelter from this storm,
And see just what I see.

The dancing lightning fills the air,
Loud thunder rends the night.
But I could hold you in my arms,
To kiss away your fright.

The splashing raindrops cleanse the sky,
And soak into the earth.
To join in harmony, the sun,
Drawing flowers to their birth.

We two could stand both side by each,
Our souls grasped hand in hand.
We never even have to speak,
For love is never planned.

Of love and laughter, joy and want,
Or happiness and care.
I could have all of these things, if,
Only you could be here.

If only's, seem to run my thoughts,
And wishes tease my heart.
A mindless wandering each day,
That we must spend apart.

I walk outside to find my truck,
Rain from my hair now streams.
I hurry homeward to my bed,
To meet you in my dreams


Awake this Night

Awake this night past slumber time,
I can see that girl of mine.
Her face aglow with lover’s blush,
Into my arms I dream she’d rush.
To hug me close and speak my name,
Assure me that there has been no change.

All the world should rise and see,
Just how much she means to me.
But distance sets, quite like a crowd,
That tries to hide her in a shroud,
Of veiled fog and velvet mist.
A challenge I feel, I can’t resist,

Most fleet of foot I dash outside,
To find winged steed, a lovers ride.
Astride, aloft, onto the quest,
for this night I shall not rest
Until I have within my grasp
My loves own form and hear her gasp.

Two lips upturned, pressed to my own
A greater prize was never known.
To soar and glide among the stars,
For heavens prison has no bars.
To greater heights our love we’ll take,
The world below shall rock and quake.

But what is this? I feel the jerk.
A recall of a cruel fates quirk?
Eyes now stare to darkness deep
All of this time I’ve been asleep.
I not cry aloud, for when eyes close
I still see this love that daily grows.



Catnapping in the summer heat
Sweat beading on her skin so neat
Runs down to tickle toes petite
Catnapping in the summer heat

Waking in the shade so cool
In a hammock by the pool
Contentment is her only rule
Waking in the shade so cool

Arise to fine her lover there
With darkened skin and lightened hair
Her happiness his only care
Arise to find her lover there

Together in the pool they dive
Fingers twined with five in five
Cold water makes them come alive
Together in the pool they dive

Coupled on the bright green grass
Rugged lad and pretty lass
Their shared time is much too fast
Coupled on the bright green grass

Catnapping in the summer heat
Sweat beading on her skin so sweet
True love has made her life complete
Catnapping in the summer heat


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