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This is the ring of: The best lake applets
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When I first saw Applet Lakes, I thought they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.
They had this "magical" spell over me. I would spend hours looking for them on the net, and loved all of them.
With the help of a very special friend, I learned to make my own.
And I still love them. I am only putting a few on each page because they may take a while to load.
The pictures I used to make the applets were sent to me from friends or from my own cd.
If I am using anything that has a copyright, it is purely accidental, and I apologize.
I will either give the rightful owner credit for the picture, or remove it from the page.
I plan on adding more categories of applets as time goes on.
Thank you and enjoy.
Many thanks to David Griffiths
Father of the Applet Lake
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This is called a Ripple Applet...a little different from the applet lakes

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