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Welcome to the beautiful world of applet lakes...

The pictures used on this page were sent to me from friends or from my own CD.
If any have a copyright, I apologize. I will give the proper owner credit or remove them from the page.
Thank you
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Applet Lakes Introduction Page

Applet Lakes Page 2

Native American Indian Applet Lakes

The Beauty of Animals Applet Lakes

Grandeur of Butterflies Applet Lakes

Sun/Sky Applet Lakes

Treasures of the Sea Applet Lakes

Enchantment of Space Applet Lakes

Autumn Applet Lakes

The Magic of Italy Applet Lakes

Mystery of Castles Applet Lakes

Romantic Applet Lakes

Fantasy Applet Lakes

Snow Applets

HawkRay Applet *very different*

AlexWarp Applet*this is fun*

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