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Official Flag of the Commonwealth of Norad

Commonwealth of Norad
Home of the Noridian Government & People
A Sovereign Micronation Founded February 3, 1999
National Coat of Arms
News & Updates Friday July 20, 01: Organization and Foriegn Affairs pages updated --- Live Wire #8 is out --- Enjoy your stay

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About the Commonwealth
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Peoples National Congress
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Noridian History 101
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The State

The Articles of Revolution
Office of the Presidency
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Anarchist Tribute to GW
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Remember to visit our pavilion in the Micronational Expostion. The people of Norad would like to welcome you to the strange, but always-fun world of micronations. A micro - nation is a political simulation of how a government would work complete with constitutions, diplomatic contacts, and citizens. You can think of them as virtual nations. Most of micronationalism takes place over the internet using instant messenger services, forums, and emails to communicate with.

The Commonwealth of Norad is a unique nation not quite a parliamentary democracy, but not qiute a direct democracy. Norad combines the best of both. Reading our constitution can give you a good idea of what we are all about. While many citizens enjoy the political side of Norad, we also like to have a good laugh at someone or something every now and then. So please stay a while. If you become interested in joining we have an application ready for you.

Important Contacts

President Chris Edward Toke ICQ#123862336
Foriegn Relations
Michael Ney
National Security Conrad Cromien ICQ#109312685
Economic Minister Conrad Cromien ICQ#109312685
July 19, 01 Rasinate and PRNSE at war? Read issue #85 of Fireball for more.

July 18, 01 Norad has established an embassy in the DRSI, one is likely to be setup in the nations forums soon. Foreign Affairs Commissioner Michael Ney headed the diplomatic mission to the Skerry Isles.

Commonwealth of Communist Communities Pact

"Why choose Norad? Cause in Norad rest assured you ain't the states bitch!"
- A messege from the Prez.