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Bengali Food on the Web

Veg Dishes - lunch / dinner  or Snacks.

Non Veg Dishes -non-vegetarian dishes., biriyani

Fish Items - curries and fish items.

Snacks - vegetarian and non-vegetarian

Desserts - Icecreams, Kulfi, Misti Doi

Bengal is part of India, which is having a distinct flavour in itself. The flavour is also shared with Bangladesh, which, though is a different country, but shares the same taste, same aroma and same recipie.

This page provides some of the most tasty and unique Bengali dishes. The dishes are having typical Bengali as well as Indian taste, palatable to all.

In this category you will find various vegetarian / non-vegetarian dishes. Bengal is famous for its fish curries and fish items. Check this out for the varities. You will also find various snacks, both the vegetarian snacks and non-vegetarian snacks. If you are a health freak, you may try one for a change. Umm!!! Mouth watering delicacies. Icecreams, Kulfi, Misti Doi and other items.

We will constantly keep on updating the items, adding the items so that you may try more and more of items. 

You may feel free to download any of the recipes. You are also welcome to share your recipes, send us your comments and ask any clarification. Feel free to contact us.

A Section On BENGALI MARRIAGE. The various rituals are explained in details with lots of pictures from actual marriage ceremony.Bengali Marriage

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