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Specific services offered:

(1) Counseling see General Counseling topic

(2) Nutritional Counseling:

Consists of teaching and educating people about proper nutrition habits, eating right foods, importance and role of vitamins and minerals, impotence of exercise, etc., so that people may take more responsibility about their health.

(3)Therapeutic Herbalism:

This is the earliest known form of healing modality in which plants (or parts of plants: seed, stem, flowers, root, bark, leaf) are used for the relief of conditions, ailments or complaints.

(4) Detoxification and Oral Chelation:

This is, in my opinion, the first and most important step that a person should take, to help reach their goal of having better health. The “Clean Out / Build Up Program” has its goal to get the body to eliminate the “bad” and absorb the “good”. It is based upon the principle that a toxic body cannot function in an optimal healthy state. This is because toxic substances which contaminate the body cause damage to healthy cells, create an abnormal absorbing surface (especially, in the gastrointestinal system, which in turn, prevents needed vitamins and minerals from being properly absorbed and utilized. Toxins, such as heavy metals, toxic by-products of metabolized substances (Example: drugs, shampoo, soap, environmental polluted air and water, etc) also may compete with needed vitamins and minerals as well, and therefore, must be eliminated. Once the body is completely detoxified (primarily: blood, liver, gastrointestinal system), then a rebuilding program consisting of vitamins, minerals and herbs may help the body return to, and maintain a health state.

(5) Stress Management and Healthy Life-Style counseling included.

Specific programs include:

* Detoxification
* Oral Chelation
* Nutritional & Herbal Counseling
(vitamins, minerals and herbs)

Specific, natural, holistic health and wellness protocols for conditions of the:

digestive system,
immune system,
joints, bones and muscles,
nervous system.

New specific protocols for the following are available:

anorexia / bulimia,
chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia,
stress related ailments,
and others.

Your mind-body health is very important to me. Though many people see me specifically for counseling, I usually have all people complete a detailed Health Questionnaire before coming to their appointment. This gives me important information and details concerning various areas: past and present state of health , family health history, lifestyle, nutritional habits, emotional and stress state, exercise, previous drug use and others.

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