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Steven Morenos’ Secret Wars Archive


Series 1 Heroes

Captain America

Spider-Man (Red Costume)

Iron Man

Wolverine (Silver Claws)

Series 1 Villains

Doctor Doom



Doctor Octopus


Series 1 Multi-packs

Captain America vs. Dr. Doom

Marvel Super Heroes 3-pack Captain America, Spider-Man (red costume), Iron Man

Marvel Super Villains 3-pack

Dr. Doom, Magneto, Kang

Wolverine vs. Kang

Iron Man vs. Magneto

Series 2 Heroes

Spider-Man (Black Costume)



Wolverine (Black Claws)


Series 2 Villains

Baron Zemo



Series 2 Multi-pack

Heroes Gift Set

Daredevil, Spider-Man (black), Captain America


European Releases





Series 1 Vehicles & Accessories

Doom Cycle

Doom Cycle w/Doom

Doom Roller

Secret Messages Pack

Tower of Doom

Turbo Cycle


Series 2 Vehicles & Accessories

Doom Chopper

Doom Chopper w/Doom

Doom Star w/Kang

Freedom Fighter

Star Dart w/Spider-Man (black)


Turbocopter w/Captain America



Items For Sale!




Marvel Super Heroes Gift Set 3-Pack!


Captain America and his dynamic team battle for good with the secrets in their shields! their shields! This 2nd series release, while a tough find-is not as tough to find as the 1st series multi-packs.


A very neat 3-pack that is unique among Secret Wars items. It is the only item that I know of that features the European figures on the back. It is also the only item that has figures in a window box. All the other items come on a blister card or bagged in a box.


I can’t say enough about the coolness of the multi-packs, maybe it’s just that they’re so much more difficult to find than any of the carded figures. Regardless, if you come across multi-packs, they’re worth picking up in any condition.


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