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Comedian Jerry Kahn: Bordering on the Ridiculous

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Jerry's Contact Info
Jerry Kahn
P.O. Box 6805
FDR Station
New York, NY 10150
Phone: 718 AM 'D' JESTer (718 263-5378)
413 826-2036

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"Jerry Kahn... is the king of one-liners." (TheaterScene magazine, October 25, 2006)

Jerry Kahn is ranked as the Funniest Jewish Comic by Google and MSN. He is also ranked as the top One Liner Comedian by MSN and Yahoo!. Jerry has a deadpan one-liner jokes comedy style which is similar to that of comedian Jay London, Steven Wright, Henny Youngman, or Geechy Guy. For more one-liner comedians, see One-Liner Comedians Group.

Magazines: Jerry L. Kahn covers comedy and entertainment for Talent In Motion magazine. Jerry also covers comedy for StageTime magazine.
Television: Jerry was recently interviewed by Israeli celebrity Guri Alfi.

Recent Comedy Highlights
Preparing to break the Guinness World Record for the Most jokes told in 1 hour
Headlined in Jerusalem on the Weekend of Israel's 60th Birthday (2008)
Performed for Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman and his entourage (2004)
Opening Act for Comedy Relief for the Homeless (2005)
Performed in Laugh For Life Fundraiser (2006)
Performed in the Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival (2005)
Emceed the End the Madness Arts Festival (2003, 2005)
Finalist in Comedy Soapbox Spring Festival
Finalist in The Jewish Week's Funniest Jewish Comic Contest (2000, 2003, 2004)

Writes comedy articles for Talent in Motion magazine
Comedy news correspondent for StageTime magazine
Performed on Israeli television
Wrote, produced, directed, and starred in The One Man Show
Co-wrote Kahnman sitcom pilot
Was lead newswriter writer for The Comical, a comedy industry magazine
Performed on NBC's Jane's New York
Featured in The Troy Record
Performed on The Aaron Braunstein Show
Featured on Era and Al Show on CJAD, Montreal's largest English station
Featured on Shalom USA
Performed on The Danny Lobell Show
Performed on WCDB, Albany
Performed on Turn A Frown Around Foundation Holiday TV Special
Performed on Take-5's television show

Jerry Kahn has performed his jokes with comics Chris Rock, Jeffrey Ross, Jay London, Freddie Roman, Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Joey Gay, Ty Barnett, Jessica Kirson, Dan Ahdoot, and other comedians from Last Comic Standing. Jerry Kahn is ranked as the Funniest Jewish Comedian by MSN. Jerry is a comedian with a car; so, traveling to a show is not a problem.

Always try to get to the shows at least 15 minutes before showtime. Contact Jerry if you have a change/cancellation.
When going to comedy clubs, always say that you want to see Jerry Kahn. At some shows, you get a discount.

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Make $$$: If you recommend Jerry Kahn to your favorite comedy club, your company party, college, or other similar venue, you get a 10% "finder's fee" when he gets booked. Click Here to E-mail Jerry Kahn
Jerry Kahn Comedy Resume and Contact Info

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Jerry is one of NYC's top Frum comedians. He regularly performs for religious groups. For kosher comedy that is suitable for Orthodox or Chassidic Jews, book comedian Jerry Kahn.

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