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Jerry Kahn: Why ask why? Why not ask why not?

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If you have questions about Adware or Spyware, visit PestPatrol.

Links for Removing Adware/Spyware for Free
Lavasoft AdAware
Spy Sweeper

Spyware and adware are destroying our computers and ruining the Internet. They cause pop-up ads to appear, track your keystrokes, slow your computer to a crawl, and cause it to crash. Since so many people have been asking me how to fix their computers, here are the steps, in very simple terms:

1) Click on the link (above).
2) Click on "Download Now" (for AdAware and SpyBot).
3) Click on "Save".
4) Choose the directory into which you want to put the installation file.
5) Note the name of the file.
6) Click on "Save".
7) After it finishes downloading, close the window.
8) Repeat steps 1-7 for each link above.
9) Close all programs.
10) In Windows, click on Start, then click on Run.
11) Click on Browse and find the program that you just downloaded. Then, click on Open and on Ok to run the installation program.
12) After installing, run the program.
13) With your computer connected to the Internet, click on Update.
14) AFTER updating the file, run it.
15) Run EACH program once per week. None of them gets 100% of the bad files (malware), which is why you must run all of them every week.

Links for Scanning for Viruses for Free

1) Click on one of the links (above).
2) Wait for scan engine to download.
3) Select the drive(s) that you want to scan. If you are not sure, just select "C:". If the icon (picture) next to "D:" looks like the one next to "C:", also choose "D:".
4) Click on "Scan". You may also wish to select "Auto-Clean." If in doubt, select it.
5) After it scans (which may take a few hours), follow the instructions to remove any viruses that are found.

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