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Comedy Resume of Comedian Jerry Kahn: Bordering on the Ridiculous

Comedian Jerry Kahn: Bordering on the Ridiculous

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Jerry's Contact Info
Jerry Kahn
P.O. Box 6805
FDR Station
New York, NY 10150
Phone: 718 AM 'D' JESTer (718 263-5378)
413 826-2036

"Jerry Kahn... is the king of one-liners." (TheaterScene magazine, October 25, 2006)

Jerry is a comedian with a car. To drive to a show is not a problem.
Comedian Jerry Kahn Homepage (including one-liner jokes and schedule)

Preparing to break the Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in 1 hour
Headlined in Jerusalem on the Weekend of Israel's 60th Birthday (2008)
Performed for Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman and his entourage (2004)
Opening Act for Comedy Relief for the Homeless (2005)
Performed in the Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival (2005)
Emceed the End the Madness Arts Festival (2003, 2005)
Finalist in Comedy Soapbox Spring Festival
Finalist in The Jewish Week's Funniest Jewish Comic Contest (2000, 2003, 2004)
Performed at Gabriella's on its opening night of comedy (2004)
Performs at numerous parties, weddings, etc. (1986-Present)
Comedy Expert on (2001)

Covers comedy and entertainment for Talent in Motion magazine (2005-Present)
Comedy news correspondent for StageTime magazine (2006-Present)
Performed on Israeli Television (2006)
Interviewed by YES Israeli Television (2007)
Lead newswriter writer for The Comical, a comedy industry newspaper (2004-2005)
Wrote, produced, directed, and starred in The One Man Show (1991-1992)
Co-wrote Kahnman sitcom pilot (2004-2005)
Performed on NBC's Jane's New York (2004)
Featured in The Troy Record (2005, twice)
Performed on The Aaron Braunstein Show (2004-2005)
Featured on Era and Al Show on CJAD, Montreal's largest English station (2004)
Featured on Shalom USA (2007)
Performed on The Danny Lobell Show (2004)
Performed on WCDB, Albany (2003)
Performed on Turn A Frown Around Foundation Holiday TV Special (2003)
Performed on Take-5's television show (1986-1988)

Clubs: New York City and Suburbs
Improv Comedy Club (2004-2006)
Broadway Comedy Club (2007-2009)
Brokerage Comedy Club (2003-2006)
New York Comedy Club (2000, 2003-2008)
Scopa Underground (2006)
Laugh Factory (2006-2007)
Comix Comedy Club (2008)
Stand Up New York (1990's-2008)
Comedy Cellar (2005-2006)
McGuire's Comedy Club (2006)
Gotham Comedy Club (2003-2004)
Boston Comedy Club (2004)
Pips Comedy Club (2004-2005)
Comic Strip Live (2004-2007)
Village Lantern (2003-2008)
Underground Lounge (2004-2009)
Triad Theater (2006)
Gateway to Comedy (2005)
Joe Franklin's Comedy Works (2004)
Comedy Industry Showcase at Bennigan's (2005)
Med Cafe (2005)
Revival (Harlem) (2004)
Nevada Smith’s (2003-2004, 2007)
Otto’s Shrunken Head and Tiki Bar (2003-2007)
Vegas Comedy Club (2004)
Jazz on the Park (2007-2009)
Hank's Saloon (2007)
Siberia (2004)
Pinetree Lodge (2005)
Sal's Comedy Club (aka Tribeca Comedy Basement) (2004)
Royal Wood Comedy Night at the Royal Oak (2004)
Gabriella's Restaurant and Bar (2004)
Yello (2004-2005)
Parkside Lounge (2004)
Show and Tell at Bowery Poetry Club (2005)
Take-5, (1986-1988)
Parlay (2005)
Lulu’s (2002-2003)
Surf Reality (1997)
7 Willow Street (1996)
Who’s On First (1998)

Groups and Organizations
Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival (2005)
Fort Hamilton Army Base Theater (2005)
Museum of Comedy (2007-2008)
End The Madness Arts Festival (2003, 2005)
Turn A Frown Around Foundation (2003-2004)
NYU Hillel - Gesher Israel Week Show (2009)
Actors' Temple (2004-2006)
Synagogue for the Arts (2006)
Ha Ha Havdalah at Chabad of the Five Towns (2007)
Jewish Week Comedy Show (Pro Spots) (2006-2009)
OU Singles (1990’s-2000’s)
Havurat Yisrael (2005)
United Lubavitch Yeshiva (2004)
Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital (2005-2006)
Spring Break Stand-Up Comedy Show (2007)
Jewish Community Center of Long Beach Island Fundraiser (2009)
Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills (2008)
Chabad Israel Center (2008)
Young Israel of Hewlett (2006)
Jackson Heights-Elmhurst Kehillah (2005)
Young Israel of Brighton Beach (Rayim Ahuvim) (2005)
Chatanooga Restaurant (2005)
Linda Landau fundraisers (2000-2002, 2005)
Lisker Synagogue (1997-2002)
Nelson Publications (Holiday parties and other events) (1993-1996)
Federation of Georgian Jews (2001)
Beis Medrash RE”M (2000)
Temple Shaaray Tefila (1998)
Mazal Tov Singles (c. 1995)
Lilith Singles (c. 1996)
AJSJ (c. 1995-1996)

Other Venues
State University of New York at Albany (1986-1990, 2003-2004)
Comedy Works, Albany (1988)
Bicycle Annie’s, Albany (1986)
LP's, Albany (c. 1989)
State University of New York at Purchase (c. 1994)
Cafe Kopioh, Las Vegas (1999)
Hank’s Cafe, Honolulu (2003)
Comedy Underground, Seattle (2006)
Comedy Cabaret, Philadelphia (2004)
Comedy Cafe, Amsterdam, Holland (2001)
Champagne Comedy, Armadale Hotel, Melbourne, Australia (2001)
Sunset Strip, Melbourne, Australia (2001)
Concorde Hotel, Catskills (1998)
Phoenicia Hotel, Catskills (2004)
Tamiment Resort, Poconos (2000)
The Colony, Aspen (2005)
Kibbutz Ein Gev, Israel (1991)
Machane Naftali, Israel (1991)
New Rochelle High School (1986)

Comedian Jerry Kahn Homepage (has one liner jokes and schedule)
Jerry's Comedy Soapbox Listing
Jerry's Talent Match Listing

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