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This is my tribute to the Howard Brothers and Larry Fine. Thanks boys for over 75 years of good times!

My Take On The ABC Three Stooges Movie

I know this review is a little late. Three years late to be precise. Anyways I didn't think it was bad. I thought it was really good! I didn't really like the way it started off. I think it should have started off with Moe and Shemp in Vaudeville with Ted and naturally I think it was too short.

On News on The New Stooges

I am leary of this announcement. I mean a tribute is fine...but I don't want anyone to get the idea that the guys can be replaced.

You simply MUST check out Jill and Sandy Howard's web page to their grandfather Shemp Howard. Click on their link and check out their page!

To read how nutty my family is click on "Meet My Family". Below.

Ahh...ok... (you're thinking to yourself),why do you have a Shaky's pizza logo here? Shaky's used to mixed RagTime music with classic comedies from the silent days to 40's. Click on the logo and read about it and the guy who started it.

I realize the majority of people don't like to snail mail anymore...but between all the spam and the porno ads I'm starting to find e-mail to be a real pain in the if you'd like to drop me a can write to:

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