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My Wish...And Request...

One of my greasest dreams would be to see Vaudeville come back again. Perhaps I am showing my age here, but does anybody remember how you used to be able to go to pizza houses like Straw Hat or Shakey's? and and they'd show old time comedies? Charlie Chaplin, Key Stone Cops, 3 Stooges? And before I was around my folks and siblings tell me they used to have guys dressed in early 1900's to 1920's style come out and play RagTime on the piano. I'd like to see an idea like this again...but even much better. My idea is a VaudeVille theater and pizza place where they's show all these old comedies....but also have live VaudeVille well as 1920's music and 1930's. The cloest thing we have at present in the Silent Film Movie House in Hollywood on Fairfax Avenue.

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