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Meet My Family

The great thing about the web is everyone can write their own biographies. My mom's folks came from Germany. It seems all European families are kinda of the same. The grandmother is the bossy one and the grandfather is the silent one. My mom's mother Diana Guenther was actually adopted. She was one the children that traveled around on the trains and they would show the children off at each town untill they all were adopted. But the conservative German United Brethern Church family would not be prepared for Diana's wild ways. Diana would married later on to a southern man named Jeff Mooney. This kinda of confused me at first. When my mom would keep saying, "The Moonies," at first I was puzzled, thinking that she was talking about the Rev.Moon's cult.

This is grandma Mooney. I think grandma wanted to be a silent film star.

Grandma Mooney was an attention getter. When the flapper fade came in grandma was one of the first to cut off her hair. Once in the 20's she dressed up as a man to try and freak her small town out. Grandma did many other things to get attention but we really can't go into those details here.

Vera Guenther- My Mother Age 6 in 1936

This is my mother Vera Guenther. She loved dolls. Thus my grandma took a job in a rich lady's home in which she stoled a rare Shirley Temple doll and and gave it to my mom for her birthday.

This is my perents at a Swing club in the late 1940's

My perents met at a swing club. That was their passion that they shared, swing dancing. The couple to the left is my perents and the couple on the right is a couple they drove to Califoria with. They must have partied pretty good that evening because later that night the couple they were driving to Califoria with got in a fight. The woman, blasted got in bed with my perents..but my mom made her sleep on her side.