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Wallis Family

My Father and my oldest brother Dan. It has been said that whenever my brother did something wrong my dad shaved his head. Needless to say, my brother was bald most of the time.

My father was a very giving man and most of the time he was a very logical man. But he had a bad temper and often would go nutts when he worked on cars. Because of this, my brothers would often hide when my father looked for someone to give him a hand. My brothers and sister tell me that one time my father had made three mistakes in row while trying to fix the car. The car's motor was running and this had been the last straw. He got all angry and jumped in the car and went to grab the steering wheel when..."What the...?" Where did the steering wheel go? There was logical answer to why the steering wheel was missing... He had jumped in the back set.

Me (the long legged baby),my father,mother, brother Gary,Sister Terri, and my brother Dan

My father looks haggered in this picture, doesn't he? And if you know my brothers and sister you'd know why.

My nephews Michiah and Jermiah. They are both in their 20's now.

My nephews were/are very gifted. At age 9 Michiah poised with a roll of toilet paper on his head and his brother Jermiah when he was a pre-teenager learned how to dub our voices over Walt Disney movies.