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Adopted Chipmunk now in his Eighth Year!

v   A cute little chipmunk who was adopted over five years ago, named "Dale-Ratcliffe", is still alive and well today! This adorable little guy had his Seventh birthday back in early-April this year. His story is one of a number of success stories for the 'Chipmunk Rescue' - the country's original and first chipmunk refuge, set up by Hogarth's Wild Life/ and the Squirrel Support section back in the 1990's.

Awww- "Dale-Ratcliffe" curled-up fast asleep, (one of latest pictures).


Alexia's Story new episode written by children

v   Another episode (story) of 'Alexia's Story' (Nocturnals/ Hawk Meadows) has been written by two children - my adorable nieces, aged 9 and 11! This is a mixed version, which, when completed and published, will be in both story-book and comic-book format, complete with a story questionnaire, puzzles and some colouring-in for young readers. This story features Alexia and her best friend Jenna, talking about childhood memories - since when they were at pre-school together, aged only 4.

Alexia:  From one of the illustrations - partly done by the children.


Hedgehog "One-eyed Stacey" doing well, despite loss of an eye!

v   Although the Hinckley & Bosworth area hedgehog Unit has still not recovered from the severe damage suffered last year (2012), it has still managed to help out with a lovely and rather large hedgehog, named "One-eyed Stacey" - who was originally taken in by my great friend (and supporter) Sally, in Burbage; (Petpals). She has been fostering Stacey for a number of months since last year. This hedgehog was named after another hedgehog called "Stacey" from Sharnford - who came into our care in about October, 2011 - who had also lost an eye. That hedgehog was also a success story, and just like this latest one, as it turned out she was not completely blind. This latest one has come to the Unit directly in late-May, following several visits with (taken by) Sally to the local Vets for treatment. She was given a mention in the Hogarth's (Spikey's) Hedgehogs pages near the back of the most recent magazine edition, (or "book" - part 1), last December.  As I write this now at the beginning of June 2013, Stacey weighs a healthy 1.08 kg.!

Cute - "One-eyed Stacey".


Hogarth's Wild Life/ Alexia resource text pages in experimental teletext-mode

v   There continue to exist some of the pages in viewdata text format, in so-called teletext mode. These include test pages, using basic colours and graphics. The font and low-resolution graphics used on these pages are generated by the same Mullard chip-set as was used in the 1980's on the services BBC Ceefax and Oracle - produced on the Acorn education computer, the BBC Micro, when set at Mode 7. They also appear in 'Alexia's Story', in some of the comic pictures. Anyone at school or college in those days will probably remember using one of these machines, which run using just a 32K memory. The low-resolution graphics can be used to make surprisingly good pictures, but can only be typed using the standard Qwerty keyboard - with a limited combination, per character, (there are only six pixels per character!). There is no mouse-pointer to control the graphics output! The "CHR$141" code makes the characters display as double their normal height.

The Alexia pages layout and page-header resemble that of Ceefax - the latter was the BBC's service which went off-air in October, 2012, (as part of the digital switchover) after being in service since 1974. The rest of the pages within our services are shown in part-viewdata mode, (e.g. the choice-menu bar at the bottom), to make the information easier to read and navigate around.

A sample page from full viewdata mode, in the Mullard font/ graphics. This font also appears in Alexia's Story, as a digital display showing the time, etc.



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