Alexia the Helper

Alexia - the Helper:  Alexia's Story, (Hawk Meadows / Nocturnals Wood)

Alexia Ramsylla, from 'Hawk Meadows' village, E. Leicester.


Alexia the Helper:  Alexia's Story - 1994, onward.

Here are a selection of artworks from all the series. (Part 1).

Alexia's job in Fiona's florist shop - continuity - August, 2013


Painted (layered) full-colour image:  "Alexia:  Lost In Happy Thought" - December, 2012 to March, 2013.

From:  episode #78ej?3b - "Power Failure" - March, 2013.


(Alexia is very happy to see her sister!)


From:  Alexia and The Fox - "A Foxy Friend in Need" (Part 1) - November, 2011.


Grosvenor Road, Hawk Meadows, East Leicester; the street where Alexia's parents live - February, 2013.


From:  episode #79fj?4a - due for publishing, 2013.                (Rough sketch from that episode - Alexia in the University, corridor).

"Is This Goodbye?" - Alexia (right) with her Best friend, Jenna (left) - February, 2013. 


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Featuring:  Alexia - as herself; Maya - as herself.

Animation coming soon!

Art produced and published by Hogarth's Wild Life/ Alexia - Copyright (c) 1994 - 2013.

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