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My name is Earth (yes, that is my real name, yes my parents were hippies) Jonathan Bennett. I lived in Hiraka-machi, which is a town of about 23,000 in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. I really enjoy Japan and some of the best experiences of my life happened while I was in the JET Program. I started my comic as a way of venting about the things I didn't like quite so much (although a lot of it is exaggeration). I named my strip "Everyone's Situation is Different" after the unofficial mantra of the JET Program, a verbal shrug of the shoulders said in response to complaints about differences between JET participants' circumstances. I felt it was a damn good title for a comic strip, too. 

I find that ESID pops up in the darndest places. If you'd like to put "Everyone's Situation is Different" in your own prefectural newsletter or other publication, feel free do so. Just contact me and let me know. The price is a copy of your newsletter, just because I like reading JET newsletters : ). Once I have an actual address again, I'll tell you where to send it. I welcome all advice and comments, especially from those who enjoy my comics, want to give me web page design pointers, and those offering me employment. 


And if you're interested, here's my new resume. Not much changed, but I'm a damn fast learner. Put me in a suit and give me a try! HTML format  Word Format


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