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Send me a damned story!!!!!!! Get to work and spin some yarns about Cain and his oafish brother Abel! I'll even, begrudgingly, take a story that they only have a bit part in! Songs, poems, short stories, comic scripts, MUSICALS, I DON'T CARE! Just satiate my desire to read MORE about Cain the Caretaker! But.... whatever you do... PLEASE... don't tell him! shhhhh!!!

- Nurse Melody <SEND ME STORIES!>


Groovy Shoes
Psychedelic HoM Lyrics and MP3 download
By: Cain and Friends
A Dream At The Outposts
My ode to Cain, the Caretaker
By: Nurse Melody
La Bonne Vie
A terror tale set in Gohtham told to Richard Bruning and Nurse Melody
By: John Clifton Gardiner
New Blood At the Old House
A short story involving two Cain fans
By: Perry Ellison
Crossroad's Edge
A cool alternate ending to the Dreaming's "Many Mansions" storyline
By: J.R. Giroux
The Artist
A dark, classic HOM type tale
By: Kyle Logan
A Very Dreamy Christmas
A fabulous Christmas Musical
By: Luna/Steve
An Orientation
A witty orientation speech delivered by Cain to all of Hell's newcomers
By: Mitchell Gil Maltenfort
Nursing Injurious...
A very flattering dialogue between Cain and Abel concerning myself and my fate
By: Mitchell Gil Maltenfort
Play For Keeps
Another classic HOM type tale I found, and can't get in touch with the author
By: Martin Maenza


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