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"An Orientation" By: Mitchell Gil Maltenfort April 2003

Hello. Welcome to Orientation. My name is Cain. I'm the First Murderer.

That's not just because I invented it. I did it for _all_ the reasons, whether or not I knew them or thought they were good at the time.

I did it because Momma loved Abel more than she loved me.

I did it because Dad drove me hard, and he never expected as much of Abel.

I did it because I was mad at Grandpa. He threw Momma and Dad out of Eden before either me or Abel were born. I wanted to show Him something. And before me, none of us had died. Grandpa said we would, because Ma ate His apple, and He would say when.

No, _I_ said when. And I said who. Not Mom or Dad, who were older and who would have died first, normally. Abel, the fat baby.

And I did it because I didn't believe I could do it. Animals died. We were in Grandpa's image. We weren't _really_ going to die. When I killed Abel, I expected him to get up. Now I kill him and he gets up and it's a cliché.

I suffer and he suffers, and we were the First. The First Murderer, the First Victim.

So don't expect anyone to listen or care that you did it for Allah or der Fuehrer or the voices in your head. You're no better than the junkie who needed a fix, at least _he_ was desperate. You all decided that ending someone's life meant more than what you could make of your own.

Welcome to where we put the souls who are too stupid to ever be reincarnated.

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