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Welcome to the USS Pickaway

APA-222 WebPage.





USS Pickaway APA-222



This web site is dedicated to the people who served on the USS Pickaway and their families. The site was new in (1999) and it can be changed or added to whenever anyone has a valid reason to have it changed. Please contact me at:


Mail to:





of the Pickaway Sailors



The future Pickaway Reunions will be held as decided by different sailors each year.


If anyone has a suggestion for any other place ,Please contact Will Green at

The above Plaques are on the Memorial Wall at the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredricksburg, Texas ,remembering and honoring the men's lives in the Pacific War.

During the 2000 reunion it was decided to purchase a plaque for the USS Pickaway APA 222 and it was mounted on the above wall. The price for the plaque was $2500 and donations were taken to cover the cost of the plaque.

Thank you for your support.



Numbers after Oct. 1,2007.

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