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Welcome to the USS Pickaway APA-222 Specifications Page.




Model of


USS Pickaway APA-222


The above photos of the model of the Pickaway tend to show more details

than any of my photos of the Pickaway.

USS Pickaway APA-222 Attack Transport

Haskell Class

Commisioned 1944

Maritime Commision VC2-S-AP5 type


Navy Light 6700 tons

M.C. Deadweight 5900 tons

Full Load 14,900 tons


Length 436 ft. 6 in.(Some say 455 ft.)

Beam 62 ft.

Max Draft 28 ft. 1 in.


Type: Turbine engines

Horsepower:8,500 hp.

Top speed:18 knots

Fitted to carry fully equipped Army and Navy units.

Vehicles and heavy stores are stowed in the lower holds.

The Crew size was approximately 536 sailors.

1000-2000 troops are quartered in the upper cargo holds.

About 26 Landing Craft (LCMs and LCVPs) are carried top side.




(History can be read with Netscape)

The above Pickaway History was submitted by Bill Welker



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