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My Virtual Photo Album

Welcome to my online photo album.

Pictures of Missy and Me

Pictures in Kentucky

Carlene meditates on a park bench

My sweet filly, Tonic.

Travis leads basics for Delta Brigade during the summer of '99

Take a leap into my mission trip to Italy in September of 2000 when 198 Italians accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour!

Nikki and Melissa send me off with support and prayers!

I'm enjoying the beauty of the Malino where we stayed.

Tori and I were put to work setting up and fixing the ping-pong table for the church in Casoria.

Just try not to laugh when you're learning to make balloon animals!

Here's some from our day in Sorrento!

Mt. Vesuvius sits behind me.

Julie, Tori and I enjoy our day in Sorrento.

Back to the Crusade!

Yes it's me, as I prepared to go out to the piazza to spread the word of the crusade.

Carlos,Dida and Tininho became my closest friends there. All are part of the Brazillian soccer team that came to help with the Crusade.

Dida shows off his moves during the music after the soccer game.

We all pack the bus to go to the stadium for another night of soccer and the Message.

Roberto took Denis, Timmie and I out for true Italian gelato for my birthday.

Each Sunday we spent the lunch hours with an Italian family.

Now for the plane ride home.....

The Alps as we passed over.

I looked out just in time to watch as we passed over Greenland.

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