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Carlene's Story

I hope this page can be used not only as background to who I am, but also as a testimony to our heavenly father. My faith in God is what keeps me going through the good and the bad that I have faced. He is always there and loves us no matter what we've done or haven't done. I've learned recently that some things happen that you can't understand or find meaning to, but there is always a constant and that is God's love.

Many people say I'm old fashioned, and I guess I would say it's true. I'm a romantic at heart and one who still believes in courting. I still cherish the idea of having doors openned for me. It's the little things that mean the most. Marriage does and always will be a sacred committment made only in the presence of God and is not meant to be broken. I look to Jesus as a role model in my life and try my best to live up to His standards. But just like everyone in this world, I am a sinner and not perfect. It is only through God's grace that we are all forgiven.


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