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Genkai Yu Yu Hakusho
Before you order. please read the page for the details for you order.

Please do not use any of the pictures from this website for your website or any other use without our permission. If you need our pictures for a special reason, ask us via e-mail with the details so that we can take your reason under consideration.

If you have ordered items from us before and you'd like to use our pictures on your website with your reference to us, we'd appreciate it. But even in that case, we hope to have contact from you first before you post the pictures.

Our products are for personal use only. Reproducing, copying, or scanning our stuff for other uses is forbidden. Even though the characters are copyrighted by their respective animators/animation studios, we have copyrights on the works we produce. Thank you for respecting this.

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Botan #0168
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Botan #0212
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Genkai #0221
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Yukina #0220
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Hiei #0223
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Kurama #0222
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Three sizes are available for each sample pictures

8-1/2x11 inches ... $2.50 each except some special items
Printed on photo quality glossy paper. Good size for keeping in page

13x19 inches ......... $5.00 each except some special items
Printed on photo quality matte paper. Mini poster size.

17x22 inches ........ $8.00 each except some special items
Printed on photo quality glossy rolled paper. Nice poster size.

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Sakura Wars
(Sakura x4)

Maison Ikkoku
(Kyoko x2)

Gunsmith Cats
(Minnie x1, Rally x1)

Dirty Pair (Yuri x1)
Bubblegum Crisis
(Nene x1)

Nadesico (Hoshino
Ruri x1)

Project A-ko
(A-ko+C-ko x1, A-ko x1)

Record of Lodoss
War (Deedlit x2)

Cardcaptor Sakura
(Sakura x1)

Pilot Candidate
(Kizuna x1)

Vampire Princess
Miyu (Miyu x1)

Dragon Pink
(Pink x1)

Fushigi Yuugi
(Miaka x1)

Rurouni Kenshin
(Kenshin & Kaoru x1)

(Misato x1)

Dragon Ball
(Goku x2, Vegita x1)

Cowboy Bebop
(Faye Valentine x1)

Dynasty Warriors
(Edit Character x1)

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