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Anime Artworx! Wide unique selection of Anime posters and prints
Welcome to Anime Artworx Website Store.

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Thank you for coming to our store website.
Here is the information about how to place an order and the details about
shipping and handling. Please take the time to read and understand our
procedures in regard to these matters.
Thank you for your time and understanding!

-How to Order-
If you have a paypal account, we are able to accept payments by credit cards, 
e-check, and standard transfer from your account. Just select the size; 
a print=8-1/2"x11", a mini poster=13"x19" or a standard poster=17"x22",  in 
drop-down menu choices for the sample picture you'd like to buy and click the 
"Add to Cart" button to add the item to your shopping cart. After you finish 
adding all of the items you'd like to get to the cart, you can make a payment 
by following the process shown by paypal.

We also accept money orders from domestic customers and 
international postal money orders (IPMO) from international customers.
For a MO/IPMO order, please follow the steps below.

 1)Send email to us with the following information:
 -Each picture #s and sizes you'd like to order.
 -Your mailing address and your first & last name.

 We'll calicurate the total amount of payment for your order and a shipping cost 
 then let you know by email with our mailing address.

 2)After you get the email from us, mail us the MO/IPMO for the total amount. 
 Please make sure you enclose a paper with your name/mailing address/email address 
 which you emailed us by your first contact.

 3)Please email us again to let us know that you sent off your MO/IPMO to us so that 
 we'll watch closely for your mail's arrival. This will allow us to make sure your 
 ordered items will be ready to ship by the time your mail arrives.

 4)We'll email you as soon as we receive your MO/IPMO, and also after we finish to 
 ship the package for you.

 5)After you get the package, please let us know its arrives via email soon so that 
 we can confirm the transaction with you has been completed.

Notice: In the case you'd like to make a payment by MO/IPMO, unfortunately we cannot 
take responsibility for any troubles which may happen with your mail/MO/IPMO until 
it's delivered to us. So please remember it's at your own risk of sending your MO/IPMO 
and make sure you try everything you can do to avoid any mailing troubles as possible.

We'll ship prints in flat envelopes or poster tubes. If you order both of 
small sized prints(8-1/2"x11") and big ones(13"x19" or 17"x22" posters) together, 
we'll send all of them rolled-up in a poster tube. But if you don't like your
8-1/2"x11" prints rolled-up then please let us know. We'll ship them separately
from the big prints. However, we'll require postage for the second container as well.

About Domestic Shipping within US-
Priority Mail: $4.05 under 1 pound weight + Delivery Confirmation fee $0.50 (Required)
We highly recommend the shipment via Priority Mail because of following reasons:

+ The availability of tracking numbers with Priority Mail for less possibility of 
losing packages and also you'll be able to know when the package will arrive by the
tracking system on USPS website. 
+ The postage is fixed as long as the total weight is not over 1 pound.
+ They provide several kinds of free shipping supplies so that we don't need to 
ask our customers for extra expenses for protecting thier ordered prints/posters.
They provide even the container we can use instead of poster tubes. If we get 
poster tubes at stores they would cost about $1.25 at least.

About International Shipping-
If you live out of the US, we'll use the available international mailing options,
like USPS Global Priority Mail or Air-mail Letter Post. We will provide you with
the best options and their respective costs and you can let us know which you prefer.
Please understand that with certain shipping options we cannot take responsibility
for items getting lost en route to their destination so we recommend you accepting
a shipping option that is traceable.

If you have questions for ordering or about shipment of our products, please email us.
Thank you very much for reading this page!

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