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It's said that to accept a new idea, you have to at first displace an old one. Think about that.

Besides playing music, the other great passion in my life is my interest in Spiritual & Esoteric principles & practices. Some people tend to roll their eyes at all this "New-Age" stuff (& yes, there is a lot of crap out there), but I wouldn't be into it if I didn't see it work for myself.

I'm fairly good at Numerology & not bad at Tarot, Palmistry & Dream Interpretation. I know a bit about Chinese Astrology & am learning more about Western Astrology, Feng Shui & Intuition. Also interested in psychology, metaphysics, parapsychology & Eastern philosophy. I'd be happy to talk with any other people who are serious on persuing their journey...

FOR THE SCEPTICS: This life is one big learning experience, isn't it? Positive & negative, all are lessons. We are here to evolve, right? I haven't had any great enlightening experiences (yet), but enough "glimpses" & events that just can't be given to coincidence regularly encourage me to continue investigating & to seek & share with others wanting the same...

But there's some people who just can't take this train of thought, they dismiss it as superstition or just a lot of mumbo jumbo. Where's the proof they say? Well, if you have a vivid dream about pink bunny rabbits & you tell me the next day, why should I believe you? Where's the proof? If I hurt your feelings, there wouldn't be any marks. Show me in black & white where your pain is, show me the proof! These are just some of the many intangible experiences that each of us share on a day to day basis. But what I'm speaking about is NOT incorporated into our day to day routine, any more than our awareness of the air that we breath, UNTIL we take the time to acknowledge its existence. But not all of us are willing, ready or able to displace our preconceived notions of reality, any more than most of us are willing, ready or able to understand a complex piece of music or scientific theory. The first step is to have...

The DESIRE to evolve: You must have an overwhelming passion to be, let's say a musician.

The ENDURANCE to evolve: Practice daily, foregoing mental & physical distractions.

The ABILITY to evolve: You start to play simple pieces of music. Along the the way your musical tastes & vocabulary expand, until you can play any piece of music that you want! Your heightened abilities allow you to actually BE part of a process which you used to only be able to experience! Now your obligation is to share that ability with the world. The world is your oyster & you are its pearl, but once you were just a grain of sand...
So what are you waiting for? Start to practice!

I have always had the DESIRE to be a musician, now I ENDURE to play as best as I can, what I'm ABLE to play brings joy to those who are willing ready & able to listen...

The same process of "longing" aplies to spritual evolution. So... Are you listening yet?


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