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Earnest Hemingway was at party once & this gorgeous woman walked up to him & said: "You know, with my looks & your brains, we'd have some really spectacular children." He looked at her & responded: "On the other hand, they could have MY looks & YOUR brains!" This underlines what most of us seek in life, our Mental, Physical & Spiritual equal...

Seeing as mischief is extremely dull when conducted alone, it's nice to have others to share, grow & experience our lives with. I suppose that's why people build home-pages. Besides some great ego or obscure obsession, it's to let the world know what they're all about, what they've done, what they still want to do & who they might want to do it with.

It's kind of like being anywhere in public. You can stay in your seat & ignore the people next to you, or you can have a chat & realize that you have a lot more in common than you might have thought at first glance. Getting to know them can be what makes the learning experience that is life, a much more productive & enjoyable journey. Baring of course that they don't ramble away about just anything that pops into their head. Like boring you with long winded stories of insignificant events, snap shots of their vacation, pets, family & raving away about their *fabulous* web-page :) But as Einstein once said: Everything is relative, except for your relatives...

=( '.' )=

SO: *if* you're an intelligent & optimistic person who is considerate of other living things, then chances are I'll talk with you. Hopefully you're involved in a creative field as I am (music, art, writing) & possess like myself, an insatiable curiosity. You've had a happy childhood, have a stable temperament & can keep your sense of humour even in stressful situations... You've got a strong character, but are quite flexible/adaptable & have good morals. You think there's more to life than watching sports & soap operas, drinking beer or going to discos & partying.

You're not a New-Age space-cadet, but you think there's something real to Karma, Astrology, Intuition, Spiritual growth & the undiscovered potential of the Mind & Spirit... You're just fed up of trying to explain these principles to people who just can't grasp the (potential) concept.

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I havn't been here for a while, so I'll be changing things around, every now & then.


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