Narcissistic Ramblings

I'll try to keep this short. Oh damn, it didn't work.

Glammy glam!! I'm often asked if I am completely insane. Well, I'm not. The operative word here is completely. This page was made in reflection that I'm a very bored person, and wanted something to do other than draw and sleep. So now I've become fairly adept at doing these kinds of things and rather enjoy it. I live in a very uneventful rural town in the middle of Colorado... thankfully, Denver's only about 45 miles away so it's close enough that every once in awhile, I can pick up my little mutant head and go to a concert. I've met a few band members, which is one of the best things on earth even if I sometimes end up sounding like a goofy idiot.

Francis Healy of Travis - 1 time.
Jon Lee of Feeder - 3 times.
All of Feeder - 1 time.
Semisonic - 2 times.
(First time.
Second time.)

If you feel so inclined to learn yet more irrelevant things about me, you can check out my cheesy interview that has more information then you'll ever need or likely want to know about me. But hey, it's there in case you're looking for something to do or just want to piss off someone in the house by keeping the phone line tied up.

Like most people, I have some friends. They're weird and they know where I live.


Oh! I'm also a really, REALLY big art freak. Huge. After 14 yeras, I would have to be, wouldn't I?

Appearance-wise, I look pretty Britpoppish, or I did until there was a breach of communication between the hairdresser and myself, upon which an entire inch was hacked off all around and now I have to grow it all out again. Damn her! So any photos taken of me within the next few months will not go up on this page unless they involve me and certain bands or something along those lines...

Here's a quick run-down of other things I happen to like or be into:

The stuff is heaven on earth. The milk store 15 miles west sells it once in a great while, when they do I always buy a couple quarts and proceed to consume it as slowly as I can handle before they get the next supply roughly 10 years down the road. Only 8 more years to go...

Oh yes, we can't forget them. I once heard of a shirt that said Chicks dig pale, skinny guys. I have to agree. My perfect mate would be a lovely, starving musician with nice floppy hair and doesn't mind staying up at night with me while we colour each other's hair and paint each other's toenails. I do not currently have a boyfriend, and have never had one come to think of it, which is exceedingly frustrating but I guess I will just have to wait cos I sure as hell am not going to find any romantic interests my own age who don't live hundreds (or thousands) of miles away or already have girlfriends. Bitches! All of them!! (Bitter? Me??)

Absolutely fucking brilliant. Malcolm McDowell was amazing, and though I haven't read the book yet, the film makes it look great and this hardly ever happens. I would kill to have the sort of imagination people like Anthony Burgess posess.
{Check out a bit of the old Ultra-Violence.}

I must confess: have never seen the movie, and prolly won't until it comes out on video. But based on photos, excessive use of glitter and frictiony clothing, and Todd Haynes, it is in fact my favourite movie of all-time. The 15 seconds worth of live-action clips I have seen were tantalizing enough. And who wouldn't want to see a film that features Jonathan Rhys-Meyers not only in sparkley clothing & slinky shirts, but also kissing our lovely British boy Ewan!! It makes glam-rock look even better than it prolly ever was. And we canNOT forget the soundtrack! If you haven't bought it yet, you really should. I don't care if the glam-rock revival was one of 1998's biggest hypes (or so Rolling Stone would have us believe, it was a damn good hype. Roxy Music! Pulp! Shudder to Think! Placebo covering T-Rex for goodness sakes!!!

They're imported from England. I am not much for any sort of sugar except soda, but these things are the greatest. Speaking of, I love soda too. Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Coke, Cherry Coke, root beer (especially IBC in the glass bottles), Dr. Pepper... anything brown and carbonated that has sugar basically gets shoved down my throat. I also like vanilla coke very much but can never find it anymore, much to my horror.