The Little (and Not-So-Little) People.

If there's anyone obvious I forgot then I'm sorry, but if you expect me to remember you, then you need to call or write more often.

Piero Piutti.
Someone I absolutely adore more than anyone, though we've never actually met in person. He runs a website totally devoted to Ride, called Ticket to Ride On-Line. We have become really close pals despite the fact he lives all the way in Italy. Of course. That would happen.

Amita Sreenivas.
We knew each other during middle school, broke off contact for a long long time, and during that time became complete nutters for some reason or another. She's one of the few people on earth that has willingly allowed me to influence her musical tastes. Hey, you mean my music doesn't suck? What a concept!

B. Jameson III.
My very own tasty slam piece. He's one of the fellow artsy-fartsy types who I absolutely cannot get anough of... he also works in a coffee shop, got me into A Clockwork Orange, can honestly say he once wore a pair of pink vinyl pants, and... and... YEAH!!! To top all this off, he lives in Phoenix, which gives him a 1-up on most of my other international/happen-to-live-all-the-way-across-the-country Net pals.

Tat rocks my world. I can't talk about her too terribly much, but she's one of my more "unlikely" friends who turned out to be a really, really great pal. She's amazingly hilarious and always puts me in a good mood when I talk to her. How often does this happen?

Matt Winkleman.
One of the few people I can talk with about anything under the sun and always rely on him to listen and have something to say that's incredibly crazy and/or incredibly thoughtful. The guy makes sculptures in waffle houses out of forks and toothpicks and pepper shakers, and spins off random things about ceiling fans in spoons - what's not to love??

DeeAnna Starr.
My partner in crime. We're both deathly afriad of becoming 2-dimensional, stoic adults and therefore believe that if we act really fucked-up now it will help us in the long run. Hey, at least if we do become boring we can have wild stories about our teenage years!

David McCrindle.
A good mate from Scotland, who was gracious enough to also lend a hand with my Travis Fanclub page. He's into music almost as much as I am (almost, mind you), especially Travis, and is also very cool, friendly, and mature. He's also 17. Now how did that happen?

Someday I'll find some more people to love... really I will...