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Empress Licinia Eudoxia

Empress Licinia Eudoxia was the daughter of Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius II (408-450) and was the wife of the Emperor Valentinian III, who was Western Emperor 425-455.

On Valentinian III's death in 455, Petronius Maximus the leading nobleman of Rome, usurped the position of Western Roman Emperor, and in order to legitimize his position forced Licinia Eudoxia to marry him. Immediately thereafter, King Gaiseric of the Vandals attacked Rome, quickly ending Maximus' regime. Although a few writers have claimed that Gaiseric came at the behest of Licinia Eudoxia, this seems very unlikely. Instead, it seems much more probable that Gaiseric was simply taking advantage of the opportunity presented by a completely unstable Rome. During this sack of Rome, Gaiseric abducted Licinia Eudoxia and her two daughters, the unmarried Eudoxia and Placidia, wife of Anicius Olybrius.

After the marriage of her daughter Eudoxia to Huneric Licinia Eudoxia and her younger daughter were returned to the Romans and made her way to Constantinople. There, she lived out her life as one of the leading matrons of the city. There exists another online biography of this noble lady on the DIR site.

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