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Gaiseric, King of the Vandals

Gaiseric was King of the Vandals between 428 and 477 and was based in North Africa. In 455 he sacked Rome, and in the process abducted the Western Empress Licinia Eudoxia, and her two daughters, Placidia and Eudoxia. The Empress and her elder daughter, Placidia were released after the younger daughter, Eudoxia married Gaiseric's son, Huneric.

After this marriage and the return of the two noble ladies to the Romans, Gaiseric repeatedly supported Anicius Olybrius as Western Roman Emperor as a direct marrige link to this gentleman was seen by Gaiseric to be a viable advantage.

As Gaiseric, a Vandal King, was most assuredly not an Anicii, I will limit the information given here to the above, which was directly concerned with the Anicii of his time. For more information regarding both his reign and genealogy, please visit the excellent Imperium site.

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