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1-Turnaround | 2-Aneurysm | 3-D7 | 4-Son Of A Gun | 5-Even In His Youth | 6.-Mollys Lips


This cd only has been released in Australia and Japan on February 5, 1992 by Geffen Records. It's quite rare actually. D7 is worth listening (just like the Wipers version).


1. Turnaround (Devo cover, appeared on Incesticide)
2. Aneurysm (appeared on Incesticide)
3. D7 (The Wipers cover, previously unreleased)
4. Son Of A Gun (The Vaselines cover, appeared on Incesticide)
5. Even In His Youth (appeared on b-side "Smells Like Teen Spirit")
6. Mollys Lips (The Vaselines cover, appeared on Incesticide)

Four of the six songs on 'Hormoaning' are covers.


1. Turnaround
Recorded October 21, 1990. Maida Vale Studios, London, UK.

2. Aneurysm
Recorded January 01, 1991. Music Source Studios, Seattle, WA.

3. D-7
Recorded October 21, 1990. Maida Vale Studios, London, UK.

4. Son Of A Gun
Recorded October 21, 1990. Maida Vale Studios, London, UK.

5. Even In His Youth
Recorded January 01, 1991. Music Source Studios, Seattle, WA.

6. Molly's Lips
Recorded October 21, 1990. Maida Vale Studios, London, UK.


Turnaround - Cover of a Devo song.

Aneurysm - Possibly about shooting heroin.

D7 - Cove of a Wipers song.

Son of a Gun - Cover of a Vaselines song.

Even in His Youth - Those who where born to the burgoise, and never saw their way out of it, and how Kurt is glad he wasn't one of them.

Molly's Lips - Cover of a Vaselines song.




In Billboard, the magazine published December 14, 1991, Nevermind was #6 in the CD hit ranking and the single Smells Like Teen Spirit was #23 in the single ranking. Nirvana used to be described as the hopeful band from Seattle before they produced the first record. However, Nirvana is now one of the most popular bands in the US. The music they play doesn't stick to any formalities and leads heavy metal in the new generation, therefore it is called Alternative Heavy Rock. I will neither write more details about Alternative Heavy Rock, nor investigate their music from professional eyes. Anyway, all I can say is that the music of Nirvana influences a lot of teenagers today.

Nirvana's commercial success is the biggest mystery in the music scene. I don't want you to misunderstand. I didn't say Nirvana did not have enough ability to get 'Platinum Disk prize,' but nobody could expect they would be such a famous band. The reason people think Nirvana's success is a mystery is that Geffen (the record label that Nirvana and some other popular bands - such as Guns N' Roses - belong to), sold only a few Nevermind [CD's] at first but a lot of young people bought it and Nirvana got big money even then. But I think Nirvana themselves are very surprised about this incident. Actually, I had a chance to interview Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar) during English concert tours (their supporting acts were their favorite groups, Shonen Knife and Captain America, by the way). He said the following:

"I didn't expect we would be so famous. I didn't even expect that our CD would be in the top 100 ranking in Billboard. You see, we had been in Europe before the great fuss. I don't want to relate with this fuss because I hate that a lot of fans are waiting for us at the airport."

Kurt Cobain seemed like he was saying "Don't lose your mind" to himself during the interview. (personal opinion) Maybe they know a lot of musicians who lost their thoughts and became the toy of mass media. So Kurt Cobain is protecting himself before he goes the same way. Nirvana will come to Japan pretty soon so that you will be able to understand what I am trying to say. Because they will come to Japan, I will advise you about their concert. First thing I have to tell is that the concert is always unsociable. And also they are easily influenced by the environment so it depends on your luck whether the concert is very nice or boring.

This CD is released just for Japan [and Australia]. I'd like to introduce each song on this mini-album, but we don't even know what songs will be on the CD. By one Japanese record company's information, two of the songs from the Smells Like Teen Spirit CD single, which are Even In His Youth and Aneurysm. It may also include some songs which were broadcast by BBC Radio-1 in England. It may be just a rumor, but one of them may be their favorite song by the Vaselines.

I think that most of the people who bought this mini-CD have Nevermind too. But if it is the first time to buy Nirvana's CD for you, I recommend you to experience Nevermind. I'm sure you'll like it too.

Dec. 1991 / Yuichi Masuda / Burrn!


Kurt Cobain - Guitar, Vocals
Krist Novoselic - Bass
Dave Grohl - Drums
Andy Wallace - Mixing


Originally released to promote Nirvana's early 1992 Australian tour (and reissued a month later in Japan for similar purposes, albeit with different cover art), the Hormoaning EP quickly became a much sought-after item to Nirvana fans and collectors alike. Not only was it produced in relatively scarce quantities, but it also gave those who were lucky enough to track down a copy an opportunity to hear an assortment of rare tracks unavailable elsewhere (that is until Incesticide, which contains most of these songs, was released later in the year). Only two originals are featured on Hormoaning the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" B-side, "Even in His Youth", and the colossal, foreboding "Aneurysm". However, in the same way that MTV Unplugged in New York would later prove, the four cover songs here tell as much about Nirvana as do the originals. Kurt Cobain's wide-ranging influences are acknowledged as if they were one and the same the group's love of new wave (shown in their take on Devo's "Turnaround") is treated no differently as their nod to Northwest underground punk stalwarts the Wipers ("D-7") or Cobain's beloved Scottish twee pop heroes, the Vaselines ("Son of a Gun" and "Molly's Lips"). Regardless of the availability of most of this material elsewhere, Hormoaning still serves as a revealing entry in the catalog of the most influential rock band of the '90s.

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