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Terry Flynn's New Model Railway Page

My model railway Pages

NSWGR HO scale track centre graph
HO fine scale standards
How to calculate maximum train length for different gradients and curves
Manually switched DC control includes circuit diagrams
HO model photographs
Waterfall's old train indicator panel
HO model wagon weight standards
My HO layout plan and details
NSWGR Steel S wagon photo
NSWGR 38 Grey Nurse colour?
Any scale track standard calculator (XL spread sheet)
HO fine scale wheel comparisons
2 aspect colour light signal circuit (uses 555 IC)
3 aspect colour light signal circuit

Here I am on the Large Erecting Shop Tour which was part of the 20th NSW Model Railway Convention 20 July 2002

The Australian Model Railway Association has branches in
four states and caters to all railway modelling interests
regardless of scale or selected prototype. Australian Model Railway Association Incorporated

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