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~*~Mark Dawson Biography~*~

Mark Dawson Biography
Mark & Richard

Mark & Diana Mark b/w Mark 1 Mark 2
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Mark Dawson was born on the 4th of February 1960, in England, and was the first child of Richard and Diana.


"Tattletales" (1976) - Question Writer

"Match Game" (1976) - Question Writer

"Concentration" (1976) - Assistant to Contestant Coordinator; Wrote Rebuses.

"The Price Is Right" (1976-1977) - Showcase Writer

"Family Feud" (1977-1985) - Editorial Staff; Question Writer

"The Better Sex" (1977) - Music Coordinator

"Card Sharks" (1977) - Music Coordinator; Production Assistant

Columbia/Rastar (1987) - Associate Producer

"You Bet Your Bet Your Life" (NBC) (1987-1988) - Associate Producer

"Nudity Required" (1988-1989) [Starring: Julie Newmar, Troy Donahue, Brad Zutaut] - Producer

"The New Family Feud" (1994-95) - Creative Consultant

"Auto Focus" (2002) - Technical Advisor


-Mark is the CEO of DRZ Entertainment Group(Entertainment management) and he is the Manager of the all female Hard Rock Group 'Phantom Blue' (Geffen Records) from 1994 to present.

-Assistant to Mark Goodson (1975-1976)

-Was married to Kathy Hughart (associate producer/producer from Family Feud).

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