Autumn Morning Star: What Our People Say About Our Show

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Shadow of the Wind
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"Beautiful! You make magic look like magic!"
Suzanne Somers

"I am totally blown away! I always say: 'You gotta believe in magic', but how did you DO that?
Jon Bon Jovi

"I have never seen anything like it!"
Julian Lennon

"I really loved your show! You can't help but charm everyone, no matter how young or old!"
Goldie Hawn

"There has been nothing like this onstage since the hit Broadway musical 'The Magic Show' with Doug Henning."
Lamont Ream - Master Magician

"Your combination of Indian stories, magic and comedy is hilarious! I had no idea your show was so funny!"
Dr. V. Lane Rawlins - President
Washington State University

"What an Evening! What a performance! What a show! It was a real pleasure to watch the audience react with such rollicking laughter and genuine feeling!"
Robert Pierce - Director
American Indian Science and Engineering

"Beautiful, just beautiful...Perfect from start to finish. There are not enough words of gratitude to express to you how much we love you and appreciate the incredible work you do."
Dr. Sandra Brown Turner - Director
University of Memphis - Barbara K. Lipman School

"It is a wonderful experience for the children to meet people of other cultures and learn bits of history. With your help they experienced a truly magical morning!"
Martha Cronin - Children's Activity Coordinator
St. Jude Children's Hospital - Memphis, TN

"Autumn MorningStar is known and respected in this region for her performances that are presented with traditional American Indian dignity...her magic and special effects create illusions of deep mystery and forcefully represent the spiritual world, which is at the center of American Indian belief..."
Ben Sherman
Western American Indian Chamber of Commerce - Denver, CO