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Autumn Morning Star

Autumn Morning Star is a professional magician and traditional storyteller. She combines her traditional Blackfeet and Choctaw stories with singing, flute playing, and dance; while illustrating her enchanting story vignettes with magic and illusion! She reflects the essence and spirit of her heritage through her eloquent performances, which are presented with respect and dignity. Morning Star is one of only fifty Native Americans profiled by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian..

Autumn Morning Star offers three unique cultural shows:

The versatile family and children's show
"Ancient Stories and Other Well-Kept Secrets"
The casino and convention show
"The Magic of Native America"

The BIG extravaganza for formal venues
"Shadow of the Wind"

Each of her shows, whether small or large, combines storytelling and sign language with the heartbeat of Native drums and song. The haunting melody of her Cedar flute weaves a web of mystery throughout the show. Fancy Dancers swirl to the heartfelt sounds of traditional Native songs. These cultural elements are delicately entwined with magic!

Autumn Morning Star presents her show in five languages at fine casinos and theatrical venues across the United States and abroad in Sweden, Germany, France, and Japan.