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Jamie's Picture Gallery

a sad and serene Archie Kennedy

It was never like that between me and Mr. Simpson, I swear!

Just a lovely shot of him, nothing else to say.

Who do you think Mr. Simpson hates more? you or me?

I'm going to be a lieutenant someday, you'll see!

Daring to touch Archie's fevered brow, then.... all tuckered out, wonder why? ;)

Archie, and buddy Horatio

Archie gives us a suspicious look.

Could that be a view of Horatio's butt I see back there?

Cute pic, but what's up with the hair?

hmph, we all know that I am cuter than Hornblower.....

The hair is real I say!

This is no time to think about women! Were in the middle of a war damnit!

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