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Jamie's Picture Gallery II
Pictures from the new Hornblower episodes, "Mutiny" and "Retribution".

Pictures from the making of Retribution.

Jamie waits patiently for his time in front of the camera.

Jamie, Ioan, and Paul have a laugh.

Still laughing, Hey! Get to work guys! ;)

Jamie has a bit of a nap between takes, what a cutie!

A nice close-up of the above picture, how could you wake him up?

Pictures from "Mutiny"

Looking serious in his new uniform.

Man, all these days and nights at sea has Horatio looking really good to me right now.

Looking hot (as usual) tehe. :)

Please ask before using any of my pictures, including the ones on my other pages. They were given to me by different sources, and then I personally edited them, so please do not take these without my permission first.