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Scarlet Pimpernel Pictures

Jamie as Lord Tony Dewhurst

Beautiful even in death.

Actually, not quite dead yet, just injured.

Feeling a little scared now.

Right before the end. Putting his acting to good use.

and last but not least:

The notorious butt picture. A little blury, but still here for your viewing pleasure.

Lady Audley's Secret Pictures

Jamie as George Talboys

No need to be suspicious of me! I never pushed that girl in a well!

Looking rather snotty.

What?! That can't be what my hair looks like!

Poirot: "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" Pictures

Jamie as Ralph Paton

Looks good, not much else to say about these.

Finally, he gets the girl!

Please ask before using any of my pictures, including the ones on my other pages. I personally edited these SP pics after getting them from the shared files directory for the Bamber mailing list. So please do not take these without my permission first.